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Local charity for Mental Illness.

Funds will go to somerset medical center 5West.

Every cent counts!

25 cent donations!

Thank you for helping me help others!


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Not easy.

I would like to thank everyone for the support, love, well wishes and advice..

You all have no clue how much that helps!

So, once more..

On December 22, 2013 I had a break..

I walked into my kitchen, picked up a knife and sliced my arm twice (Thought it was once until I had a kick ass flashback) Almost died, I cut two veins and the tendon, Got to the hospital and the doctors tried so hard to get my arm from spitting blood like on horror movies… (Yes, was that bad) as they were working on me my blood pressure dropped so low they kept saying “we have to stop bleeding she’s going to flatline!) no pain killers and no letting up they shoved their hands into my arm over and over again.. I couldn’t take the pain my blood pressure dropped so low they were all talking about how they could not believe that I was still talking, yelling or awake.. (It’s never a good feeling to hear that or to be able to see the look of terror on the face of your child, mother, brother and husband.. I wish I would have been blessed by being passed out but I guess that was just my punishment from a higher power for what I did.. A punishment I am blessed to have gotten cause I am still alive.. small price to pay) They got the Veins stitched up (The doctor lost count) and 19 staples later… I spent the rest of the night in the ER getting my blood pressure up above 60’s, 70’s, 80’s target of 90’s was hit by 4am…

I then got placed into a cell like room with my man and a few cops, no pants, bra, NOTHING I was shamed… Couldn’t see my daughter, that hurt worse then anything else… Then from there I was placed on a ward called 5west and stayed for a week and a day having to face why…

It’s hard to tell someone why..

can anyone else relate?!

How could you tell someone why when you don’t even know?!

I felt lost, I had to say “Well, I don’t know what or why, but I did… I’m stupid, what else can I say?!”

I am still dealing with not knowing why.. I give loads of reasons that change each time..

but I can’t lie to myself anymore!

I know why, cause I am damaged mentally by events and some people…


I can live in the life they made for me or I can chose to take back that power and use it to heal the scares… I think it’s about time!

I still see what happened..

every detail, smell, sound and everything else… Thank GOD for Thomas & my mother in-law.. for without them I would be lost!


Note to my readers:


think about friends and family EVERYONEIMG_20140102_102744_769

but most of all think about yourself!

don’t EVER hurt yourself.. nothing is that bad!

if you find yourself at that point.. take a deep break and think.. every big thing looks pretty damn small in 24 hours.. XOXO


Love you all!

~Kitty Tandino

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Are we so self-centered to believe we are the only “intelligent” Life in the universe?




Sorry to say.. 

Speaking only for myself..

But, I’m not the smartest cookie in the package.. 

Would really suck if some alien came to earth and asked to meet my leader..

I would kindly direct them to my 15 year old.. Ok, I can already her some of your thoughts… Why a 15 year old?!

Well, She knows it all 🙂

(or so she says)

Ok, time to really give this one a REAL second of time.

Ever think that someone is having a shit load of fun at our expense? 

Like, someone up there is playing a game of SIMS, Fast and furious, Need for speed, Mario Cart or Assassins Creed with us?!

And Laughing their damn alien, no ass having asses off?!

Well, Just a thought but.. I know if I was an alien I would have a LOAD of fun watching my creations run around day after day, like lab rats, working to make others rich while conforming to “society norms“.. ok, maybe not really.. but would be interesting. Just saying… 🙂

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Ever had a dream that came true?

Ever heard your phone ring and know who was calling before you answered or even knew the phone was going to ring before it did?

Have you ever predicted a life changing event?

Back in the old times people were locked up in mental hospitals, drugged, given shock therapy or even burned at the stake for being open and speaking about these things..

When I was really young (even to this day) I would have some really wild dreams of people, places and things.. Event’s that I would believe never EVER would come to pass.. Sad fact is.. some of them have.

Are dreams a window into what will come or just the sparks of an over active mind?

Is there a such thing as knowing what will happen and is it a gift to a select few or does everyone have this ability? 

Some religious people say it’s the work of the devil.. Could that be fact?

Let’s think about that…

If you have a feeling, dream or thought that you use to save yourself or someone else.. then who “really” gave you this gift?

whatever the case…

There are things that will always just “BE”





and Taxes

(not really in that order)


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